Durga Puja 2017

Durga Puja 2018 Timing Date-Durga Puja Schedules

The primary goddess revered during Durga Puja is Durga, but her stage and celebrations feature other major deities of Hinduism such as goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth, prosperity), Saraswati (goddess of knowledge and music), Ganesha (god of good beginnings) and Kartikeya (god of war). The latter two are considered to be children of Durga (Parvati). The Hindu god Shiva, as Durga’s husband, is also revered …

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Mahalaya 2017 Date and Timing

Mahalaya 2017 Mahalaya is also known as Pitru Paksha ( पितृ पक्ष) or Pitri Paksha is 16 Day Lunarday period festival in the Hindu Calendar.this is a time when the hindus pay homage and respect to their elderly  Late ancestors.The period is also known as Pitru Pakshya, Pitri Pokkho, Sola Shraddha (“sixteen shraddhas”), Kanagat, Jitiya, Mahalaya Paksha and Apara paksha.Pitru Paksha is considered by Hindus …

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