Diwali 2017 Date and Timing Deepawali Date 2017 दिवाली फेस्टिवल 2017 दिवाली २०१६

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2017 Diwali Puja Date & Time in India, दिवाली पूजा 2017 तारीख व समय

Diwali(दिवाली २०१६) is an auspicious festivals for Indians all over the world.Diwali is a five-day festival celebrated in Autumn each year,by four different religions.Diwali 2017 is an official holiday in Guyana,India,Fiji.Mauritius,Singapore,Malaysia,Myanmar,Sri Lanka,Suriname,Nepal and Sindh.

It is known as the “Festival Of Light” as it represents the triumph of good over evil.People decorate their homes with Diwali art and Diwali adalah.

It is usually linked to the Hindu Faith and Hindus enjoy this marvelous festival with great joy. They do different kind of Diwali activities like drawing rangolis and bursting crackers every day.The festival derives its name from the “row” of the clay lamps that the Indians use to Light outside their houses to symbolize the inner light which has been protecting them from darkness.

This year’s diwali date 2017 is as follows-

Festival NameDateDay
Diwali(Deepaawali)19th October,2017Thursday

The Diwali holidays 2017 are going to be very much Lit🔥🔥🔥🔥 and People just love their diwali festival and doing their diwali activities, their diwali aarti , diwali adalah and many more.

On the very first day of Diwali, people generally consider for them to clean their houses and they go out shopping for Diwali gold and various kitchen utensils.

On the very second day,people beautifully decorate their homes and they make diwali rangoli in their beautifully decorated houses.

The third day is the most important of all,It is the time when families gather altogether for Lakshmi Puja, which is considered as prayer to therir Goddess Lakshmi which is then followed by delicious dishes and various fireworks.

Then on the fourth day , they go visit their friends and family and exchange gifts and well wishes for each other.
Then on the last day of the festival, brothers visit their sisters(known as Bhai Dooj) who server them an auspicious and delicious meal at their homes.(Diwali bhai dooj 2017)

Diwali Background

Diwali usually dates back to the ancient times of India, which when was celebrated as a festival after the summer harvesting period in the Hindu calendar month of Kartika.Many Hindus associate the celebration of diwali with the legend of Yama and Nachiketa on The Kartika amavasya.

Diwali Significance

Diwali is considered as the most happiest and most enjoyable holiday in India and in many countries. People clean their houses , their shops , their workplaces and they decorate and get ready for the ultimate festival.

A lot of huge sales are generated during these holidays.Many companies and brands and online ecoms provide huge discounts during this period to generate maximum sales.
People shop for anything and everything from Gold to even new Cars. Lakshmi signifies gold and new purchases , so people rapidly invest in new purchases.

Diali rituals and preparations begin from one or two weeks in advance and the festival normally begins atleast two days before the night of Diwali and it ends 2 nights later. Each and every day has a specific significance and rituals.


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