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Labor Day Images

Labor Day is celebrated in the United States as an annual public holiday on the first Monday of the month September. Labor Day 2019 occurs on September 2nd,2019 which falls on Monday. It was created as a result of the massive Labor movement in the late 19th century. It was the result of a massive labor union movement also specifically the eight hour day movement which aimed at providing workers eight hours for work, eight hours for rest and eight hours for recreation. This day is celebrated as a yearly nationwide tribute to the contributions of the workers to the strength, prosperity and the well being of the country. In the United States of America, the Labor Day is celebrated as a federal holiday also is viewed by the American people as the end of their summer vacations. This holiday is also shared with Canada on the same date. The very first Labor Day was celebrated on the 5th of September in 1882 which was on Tuesday. This is a Nationwide Holiday and all institutions are to be closed on that day.

So Below are some images made specifically for Labor/Labour Day 2019 of the United States. These Images are specifically made to cater to your needs and these can be shared with your friends and family who are currently working in their jobs to cheer them up a little bit. You can use Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger or Google Allo to share these Images with your friends and family who are your near and dear ones.

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Labor Day is a very joyous occasion for the whole of Americans and Canadians who are working class. Canadians and Americans celebrate Labor Day on the same day. This year 2019 the date for labor day is September 3rd,2019. Below are some awesome Labor Day Quotes for you to share with your friends and family on Google Allo, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp or Telegram.

Labor Day Quotes 2019

Here are some awesome Labor Day Quotes of 2019  for you to share with your Friends and family via different forms of social media which you use every day.For example Google Plus or Google Allo or Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp or Telegram. Your Folks will be very happy to see these when you send them these Labor Day Quotes of 2019.

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Happy Labor Day Quotes

Here are some happy labor day quotes of 2019 to send to your friends and family through different social media websites and applications.Now Go Download them and share with your friends and family on Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Allo and Messenger.


  • Quotes about Labor Day Funny

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There you here are some great Labor Day 2019 Quotes and Images for you to send to your family and friends. If you wanted some memes about labor day then check this one out.

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