Teachers Day Speech 2018

Teacher’s Day Speech

Teacher’s Day is coming and many students and teachers require a Teacher’s Day Speech to be said or eloucated in their respective Schools and colleges. So Here is a wonderful Teacher’s Day Speech you can use for you respective Speeches.

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day is a national function which is celebrated on 5th September every year only in India. It is held on the birthday of Dr. S.Radhakrishnan, Late President of our country. He was an outstanding scholar and an ideal teacher. So it was decided to celebrate his Birthday as Teacher’s Day to honor the teachers and teaching as a noble profession of our country. The main idea is to draw attention towards this profession, i.e, Teaching which is regarded as the backbone of our society. They teach students carefully and sincerely and build the future citizens of our country. They love students as their children and the teachers always inspire us to be good and great in life. They impart knowledge very diligently so it is considered a very noble profession and they also have a great sacrifice towards our country.No other professions, either medical or legal, have a day meant to celebrate and honor the best among them. It is a unique honor awarded to the teaching profession in our country. On Teacher’s Day teachers are honored through various functions throughout the country. The Government also shows them respect by giving them various civilian awards.

The Teacher’s Day has a great significance. This is the day when the teachers feel proud and encouraged. On the other hand, the students should follow the advice of their teachers, that is the right way to show them respect. That day nearly a hundred teachers are selected from primary, upper primary and secondary schools, oriental schools and colleges are invited by the President of India and honored by giving a certificate of recognition along with some cash prize. The award given by the President is known as the National Award for teachers, which is a great honor to the humble teachers. Selection for these awards is made on the basis of many considerations. Teacher’s personal character  and conduct, his/her personal competence, his/her sociability, the results produced and the contribution as a writer to the profession and as a researcher in Education, the popularity he/she enjoys in public, his /her efforts to eradicate illiteracy , also the public support he/she got for building infrastructure in their respective institution, etc. The oasrt he/she plays in extracurricular activities is also taken into account. So it is not easy to get a national award just like that. Only ideal and worthy teachers are able to get it.

Besides National awards, State awards and other awards by the National Foundation for teachers are also given. In some districts, district level awards are also given to encourage ideal teachers. Giving an award to a teacher is a good incentive. Of late the awards given by government have become mechanical. The original idea of involving society at large, to recognize the noble profession is missing. Many functions are being arranged by teachers to honor their fellow teachers. The parents are not shwoing expected interest. It was true, that a teacher enjoyed a place of honor after the mother and father were only next to them, in our ancient society. Many changes have taken place. A teacher is no longer a selfless Guru. He is a paid employee, just like any other worker in an office or factory. With this social concpet, it is difficult to except the society ot honour the teachers. But even now there are teachers who are respected and loved for their selfless service, spotless chracter, unbiased love and affection they show towards their students. All teachers may not get awards, the social respect they command is itself an award. As Sarvapali Radhakrishan had himslef said, teaching is not comparable.

A Good Teacher is always remembered by the students wherever he/she is.

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