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Happy Maha Panchami 2018 to all and you all your loved family members. The Durga Puja is a very holy and prestigious festival of the Hindus. The Bengalees all over the world celebrate it with very joy and pomp. Many people from West Bengal go for tours outside during this time, while others return to their homes to enjoy this wonderful time with their family, friends and other loved and dear ones.  The Durga Puja signifies the victory of good over evil and this is a very important significance of the festival. Also, another very special significance of this festival is that all people no matter whatever religion, caste, or creed they are from or whether they are rich or poor, they all come out together forgetting their differences and roam around from pandal to pandal in their best dresses. The mandaps are decorated very beautifully for the wonderful models which are created by craftsmen who toil hard every day until the final day and make out this awesome Durga Goddesses model. The mandaps are decorated savilion with beautiful illumination and very evening, the priest performs aarati or the priest greets the goddesses by waving lamps and incense sticks in accompaniment of the beating of drums, while puja is held.

Below is the schedule, date, and timing of Durga Puja 2018 all dates.

Maha Panchami 2018 Date Timing Schedule

Maha Panchami is the fifth day in the Durga puja timings and most the fun starts from this very day. Many pandal hoppers start their pandal hopping journey from today, to avoid the crowd and hassle. Here are the time and date of Maha Panchami 2018.

Maha Panchami 201814th October,20187:44 am.

Maha Sasthi 2018 Date Time Schedule

Maha Sasthi is the day from when the actual crowd starts roaring in on all pandals. All families get out of their houses to visit Durga Maa in her pandals and to enjoy with their family and friends. Here are the time and date of Maha Sasthi 2018.

Name DateTime
Maha Sasthi15th October5:46 am

Maha Saptami 2018 Date Time Schedule

On Maha Saptami all the crowds at their highest rates in all pandals. All families and friends today goto all the pandals today to visit Maa Durga. For the Hindus, the Durga Puja is the greatest festival of the whole year and no other festival compares to its greatness. Below is the Maha Saptami 2018 time and date.

Maha Saptami 201816th October,2018.10.32am


Maha Asthami 2018 Date Time Schedule

Today is also the day of “Anjali” towards all the Gods and Goddesses. People offer their devotion to Maa Durga and other gods and goddesses and ask for their blessings. Below is the time and date schedule of Maha Asthami 2018.

Maha Ashtami 201817th October,2018.12:27 pm

Maha Navami 2018 Date Time Schedule

Today is the second last day of the festival. Many are sad on this day but others enjoy to the fullest on this day and try to make out the most today for their Durga Puja journeys. Below is the time date schedule of Maha Navami 2018

Maha Navami 201818th October2.32 am

Vijaya Dashami 2018 Date Time Schedule

Today is the last day of this prestigious festival. Today the idols are immersed into water or the river Ganga to let them go back to their heaven. Mother Goddess Durga is absolutely considered as the most powerful goddess who is the bestower of strength, prosperity and all the best gifts in life. So all the devotees pray to her with all their hearts and minds for their various boons. Goddesses Durga had killed the demon king Mahishasura who had been troubling the gods and the goddesses and had occupied Indra’s throne in heaven. So all the gods and goddesses worship her the great goddess Durga. She is also known as Mahisasuramardini. Below are the time date and schedule of Vijaya Dashami 2018.

Vijaya Dashami 201819th October4.37 am


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